Stacked Stone Design Ideas for Your Arizona Home

Some homes have that “wow” factor.

The moment you walk in, they tell a story of luxury, uniqueness, and home. One way to make your house become one of these awe-inspiring destinations is with stacked stone designs.

Stacked stone can frame a fireplace, making it a cozy stop for your holidays with family and evenings with friends. It can warm up your home and give it an earthy feel. Bring the beauty and rustic feel of the outdoors to the comfort and hominess of the indoors.

An accent wall can become your favorite spot of your home—a simple way to transform the atmosphere and upgrade your interior design.

Here are some ideas to inspire you when hiring remodeling contractors in Arizona to install stacked stone into your home.

Stacked Stone Design Ideas for Your Arizona Home Remodel

1. Fireplace

Framing your fireplace with a stacked stone wall can add that sense of earthy, cozy, cabin-like warmth—but with all of the luxury, designer looks. The stone’s texture and style can transform your living room. Stone is also heat-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

Hire a Phoenix home remodeling contractor to upgrade your fireplace into a centerpiece in your home. 

2. Bathroom

Accessorizing your bathroom with stacked stone can create an organic, spa-like experience. Whether it’s an accent wall behind the tub, a stone backsplash behind the sinks, or a walk-in shower filled with stylish stone, you can achieve a luxury look.

Partner with a home remodeling contractor in Scottsdale, AZ, to get started.

3. Bedroom

Your bedroom should feel like your own personal sanctuary. Not merely a place you crash each night but a place you can relax and feel at home. Having remodeling contractors in Arizona install an accent wall with a soothing, stacked stone accent wall can make your bedroom feel unique.

4. Dining room

If you have an open dining room, make it even more special and elegant. Hire a Phoenix home remodeling contractor to add a stone archway around the area or an accent wall behind it. This can make it feel grand, sophisticated, and welcoming for special occasions, holidays, and everyday meals around the table.

5. Living room

In addition to a fireplace, you can also frame your entertainment center with stacked stone. Built-in entertainment centers make gatherings more impressive. An accent wall and stone mantle can make the focal point unforgettable. Be sure to hire a home remodeling contractor in Scottsdale, AZ, to ensure it’s done correctly.

6. Entryway

This is where that “wow” factor can really come in. Impress every guest and make them feel welcomed into your home’s warm luxury with a stacked stone accent wall or archway in the entryway.

7. Kitchen

Let entertaining or merely cooking your favorite dinner become an experience. A beautiful kitchen with all the details can make your kitchen the place to be.

Have a Phoenix home remodeling contractor install a stacked stone kitchen island, backsplash, or accent around the hood.

Getting Started with Remodeling Contractors in Arizona

Stacked stone accents offer the perfect balance of unique luxury and homey warmth.

So, how do you get started?

DIY projects can result in more stressful, hair-pulling days. Hiring a home remodeling service in Scottsdale, AZ, can save you stress, time, and energy.

If you find the right ones. The wrong contractors can turn your dream home remodel into a nightmare. 

That’s where Arizona Remodeling Authority comes in. ARA pairs you with only Arizona’s most trusted and vetted contractors, specific to your project and goals. So you can rest knowing your home and investment is being taken care of. 

– Arizona Remodeling Authority, Bringing you Arizona’s most trusted remodeling contractors

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