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Need some space?

One of the best ways to add more value to your home is to add more home.

Whether you have a growing family, feel cramped, or want to increase your ROI, home additions are a great way to expand your space and investment.

When doing a home addition, it’s crucial you hire remodeling contractors in Arizona to do the dirty work for you. In the end, you can be satisfied with more space to breathe, move, and grow with your loved ones. 

10 Home Addition Ideas

1. Enclose your patio

In order for your patio to count as liveable square footage, it must have access to your home’s heating and air system.

So, enclosing your patio can give you a nice space to enjoy the outdoors without having to endure the AZ heat.

If you’re bringing your roof forward or putting up walls, it is safest to hire a Phoenix home remodeling contractor to take care of it.

2. Finish every room

Unfinished areas don’t count as square footage in a home. If you have an unfinished basement or attic, have remodeling contractors in Mesa, AZ turn them into rooms, offices, dens, or nooks. 

3. Bump outs

A great way to open up your home is to bump it out.

Bump-outs, or micro-additions, normally add about 100 sq. feet to your home. This can make an incredible difference in how your home feels and is valued.

Partner with remodeling contractors in Arizona to bump out a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or garage to make space in your home.

4. Add a second story

When you can’t build out, build up. Adding a second story to your home is perfect for adding bedrooms for family members and guests or even a separate living or office area.

This is very tricky and must be done by professional Phoenix home remodeling contractors.

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5. Enclose your porch

Transforming your porch into a sunroom is another luxurious way to increase your liveable square footage. It will also need access to A/C, which can help you escape that Arizona heat in style.

Using large windows can allow for sunlight, an outdoor ambiance, and cooler temps.

Hire remodeling contractors in Mesa, AZ to turn your porch into a sunroom, and enjoy approx. a 50% return on your investment!

6. Build over your garage

Utilize the space above your garage for another bedroom or office space!

This requires expert skills, so be sure to hire remodeling contractors in Arizona to take care of this for you.

7. Enclose your deck

Enclosing your deck can make for a room with an unbeatable view. Have a Phoenix home remodeling contractor help you get the feel of the outdoors with the protection of the indoors.

8. Modular home addition

Modular home additions are pre-built rooms you can add for a second story onto your home. They are on the cheaper side of home additions.

9. Build a dormer

Dormers are a great way to open up your attic’s ceiling, boost curb appeal, and make your home appear larger.

10. Add a mudroom

Turn a hallway or entryway into a mudroom. This can make your home feel more inviting, increase storage space, and keep your house cleaner, too. 

Why Hire Remodeling Contractors in Arizona for Your Home Addition?

If these home addition ideas sparked inspiration in you, now’s your chance to make it happen.

But first, it’s crucial that you team up with the right home remodeling contractors in Mesa, AZ to give you your dream home rather than a nightmare. Since you don’t have time to research, sift through, and call all of the remodeling contractors in Arizona to find the best ones, we’ve done it for you. 

At Arizona Remodeling Authority, we find and match you with only the most trusted, vetted Phoenix home remodeling contractors, so you don’t have to worry about it. Reach out to ARA today, and bring your dream home to life. 

– Arizona Remodeling Authority, Bringing you Arizona’s most trusted home remodeling contractors

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