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Home improvement contractors had the #1 worst consumer complaints in 2018.

A 2016 Houzz survey found that 41% of people were frustrated with their experience working with remodeling contractors.

Remodeling your dream home should be an exciting experience. Yet, it can turn into a nightmare if you partner with the wrong home remodeling contractors in Arizona. 

The last thing you want is to invest your time, money, and privacy to only receive aggravating unprofessionalism, poor (or lack of) communication, and low-quality results.

Here are 7 common complaints and problems you can avoid by hiring the right Phoenix home remodeling contractors

7 common nightmares of working with home remodeling contractors

1. Poor communication

This is the big one. A major barrier in contractor-client relationships is “he-said-she-said” situations. 

Verbal agreements aren’t reliable. If you don’t have a written contract outlining the general scope, services, required materials, responsibilities, costs, and time frame of the project, you might get blindsided. 

You are an essential member of the remodeling team. It’s your vision. Your home. Make sure you are communicated with and up-to-date on the project. 

As in any industry, general contractors have their own terminology. They may accidentally (or in some cases, purposely) mislead you if the information isn’t explained clearly. 

For example, the term “allowances” means flexible costs for services and materials that could change your budget and require you to spend more money. “Change orders” take place when you add on any services or materials during the excitement of the project. This is another expense you’ll pay for on top of your established budget.

Make sure you find home remodeling contractors in Arizona [ who offer written and upfront communication and answer any questions or clarifications you may have. 


If you live in an older house and don’t like your dated cabinets, another option is to have them updated! This way, you can add a fresh, modern look to your kitchen. 

If you’re needing more storage, another option is to add more cabinet space. Whether it’s open shelving or traditional cabinets, you can expand your kitchen and storage. 

2. Low-quality work

“Shoddy work” is one of the top complaints in the industry. Just as with many services, going with the cheapest contractors just might mean receiving the cheapest work when remodeling in Mesa, AZ. 

Your home is a major investment. You can’t afford to hire a contractor, only to want to stop halfway because you don’t like their work. 

Don’t let low-quality craft ruin rather than upgrade your home. 

3. Failure to start or complete the project

Surprisingly, failure to even start or complete the job was the other top complaint.

Home remodels can be messy and inconvenient. Unreliable contractors might not tell you the accurate times they’ll be working, how long the project will take, or worse⁠—even start or finish it.

Reliable home remodeling in Scottsdale, AZ will know how to effectively schedule and deliver your project while staying within the realistic means of your time and budget. 

4. Hidden fees $$

Let’s say you saved up and calculated just the right amount you needed for your dream home remodel⁠. Perfect, right? Until you get slapped in the face with hidden fees. 

This is a major fault of some in the industry. Transparency is one of the number one traits to look for in a contractor. It is a major red flag if the service is not upfront about costs.

Remodeling your home can be a costly investment. Don’t break your bank. This is supposed to be an exciting project⁠—not a financial frustration. 

Find remodeling in Mesa, AZ  with clear (and again, written) pricing processes, and remember to ask the important questions. 

5. Time (taking too much of it)

Remodeling your home is exciting! This means you probably want it done as quickly as possible. With workers and ongoing construction occupying your home, you want contractors who can stick to the established time frame, within reason.

Don’t partner with contractors who drag on the project and consistently fail to meet deadlines. Find Phoenix home remodeling contractors who have time for you, set reasonable objectives, and work hard to meet them. 

6. Messy unprofessionalism

When you come home from work, the last thing you want to do is clean up after construction workers’ mess (you already clean up after your kids or grandkids—you don’t need to clean up after them, too).

You’re not just paying for a service but a professional one. Sadly, it’s very common for messes to be left on a client’s property.

There are remodeling contractors in Arizona who know this not only hurts their reputation but that it negatively affects your life will ensure they leave your space clean at the end of the day. This is essential for your positive experience.

Don’t partner with contractors who drag on the project and consistently fail to meet deadlines. Find Phoenix home remodeling contractors who have time for you, set reasonable objectives, and work hard to meet them. 

7. Unethical behavior

This is your home. Be mindful of whom you let in. Don’t just let in any company. 

Unfortunately, unethical behavior such as stealing items from your home or showing up intoxicated is somewhat common in the industry. 

You, your time, family, and money deserve more than that. 

How to avoid the nightmares and get your dream home 

Hiring Phoenix home remodeling contractors who put you first can help make your dream—not your nightmare—come true. The vetted contractors who provide full consultations, timely services, and clear, transparent communication.

Who honor and value your invested time, money, and privacy.

Who care about the quality and promise of their craft.

Who work to bring your dream home to life.

Now, you may be thinking…Do they exist?

We’re here to tell you they do. And because you don’t have the time to research, sift through, and call them all to find them, we’ve done it for you.

Arizona Remodeling Authority. Bringing you only Arizona’s most trusted contractors.

– Arizona Remodeling Authority, Home Remodeling Service in Arizona
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