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We associate colors with emotions, holidays, and memories.

Red is love, red is bold. Yellow means happiness and sunshine. Blue takes us back to the beach and calms us.

Repainting the interior or exterior of your home is one of the most inexpensive ways of transforming it.

Since we’ve been spending a lot more time at home, now is a great time to shake things up. Make your space more “you.” 

Here’s a guide to help you pick colors when hiring remodeling contractors in Arizona to paint your home. 

Home Interior & Exterior Home Painting Tips

Accent walls can add personality and unique energy to your home. Here are some tips for choosing the right hue.


Red elevates the energy of a room. It’s a bold accent color. Interior designer Nasheyah Dubaishi suggests utilizing red in kitchen and dining areas to increase appetite and conversation. Have your Arizona kitchen & bath remodeling contractor pair it with white, creams, or beiges, navy, or grays to soften it.


Orange is another warm and activating color. It works nicely as an accent in the hen, dining rooms, and fitness rooms. Pair with mint greens, blues, grays, black, white, and other neutrals.  


Yellow is a happy, bright color. It can add a creative touch and let some sunshine into a room. It’s very welcoming and warm, so it works well in kitchens, dining areas, small spaces, and entryways. Have remodeling contractors in Arizona pair it with white, grays, black, beiges, other neutrals, purples, and blues.


Green brings the beauty of the outdoors to the comfort of the indoors. It evokes a fresh and calm feeling, making it work in most rooms. Pair it with blue, pink, purple, white, black, and other neutrals. 


Blue is calming like the sky and the sea. This makes it work great in bedrooms and bathrooms. Darker shades are more sophisticated, and lighter shades are more peaceful. It pairs well with most colors. Hire a home remodeling contractor in Scottsdale, AZ to add a bit of blue to your home. 


Purple combines elements of calming blue and exciting red. It adds a touch of luxury and royalty. Find Arizona kitchen & bath remodeling contractors to pair it with blue, green, yellow, gray, black, or white. 


Neutrals are timeless and great for resale. They tend to pair nicely with most colors and feel both modern and classic. They’re perfect for your home’s exterior and interior. Be sure to hire remodeling contractors in Arizona to ensure everything goes smoothly.


White is modern, crisp, and clean. White cabinets, stucco, and walls are becoming more and more popular in recent years. It looks excellent with any style, any home, and with any colors. Just be careful to keep it clean!


Gray is also a very modern and trendy option. It’s very calming and sophisticated. Pair it with white for a clean, contemporary look in any room, or, use it to soften bright colors.  for your home remodeling project in Scottsdale, AZ. 


Brown is a very organic and soothing color, as well. Its earthiness is warm and homey. It looks great in dining rooms and living rooms. Lighter shades such as beige are trending right now and offer a soft feel. Pair it with other neutrals or blues. 

Why Hire Professionals for your Home Remodeling Project in Scottsdale, AZ

Images of your home’s new hues stirring in your imagination? It’s time to hire a home remodeling contractor in Arizona. Professionals can make sure the right paint and primers are used and that the job’s done safely. 

But hiring the wrong contractors can result in low-balled bids, hidden fees, bad communication, messes in your home, or even stolen belongings. 

Hire Arizona’s trusted contractors who respect and value your investment. 

And so you don’t have the time to research, sift through, and call them to find Arizona’s best kitchen & bath remodeling contractors, Arizona Remodeling Authority’s done it for you.

– Arizona Remodeling Authority. Bringing you only Arizona’s most trusted contractors.
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