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In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we can often forget the magic and importance of family dinners. Social distancing has reminded many of the importance of this quality time spent when gathering for dinner. 

The dining room is the stage for holidays, significant events, and special occasions. Let it be that and more. Make it a unique backdrop for your big and everyday memories. 

If your dining room is designed right, you’ll want to spend even more time there. Here are some remodeling ideas to make your dining room a place you look forward to celebrating life’s little and big moments in. 

5 Dining Room Remodel Ideas for your Arizona Home

1. Open concept

The more open and inviting, the better. Formal dining rooms are fading away in modern homes and making room for at the table with open floorplans. One major way to upgrade and make your space feel even bigger is to take down the walls or barriers between your dining room, kitchen, and living room.

This change can allow you to spend time and talk with friends and family while cooking, eating, and entertaining. It can also make your home and dining room feel more relaxing and cozy. To maintain the structure and integrity of your home, be sure to hire Phoenix home remodeling contractors to take care of this remodel project for you.  

2. Add windows or glass doors

Let some light in with windows, a sliding glass door, or French doors. This can open up, brighten, and lift the mood of your dining room. Which one you go with might depend on the location of your dining room and your budget.

Hang up drapes over the windows to soften the light and control the temperature in the day. Patio doors can open up your dining room to your front or backyard, making it great for get-togethers, celebrations, and BBQs.

Installing new windows or doors is best when left to professionals and remodeling services in Mesa, AZ.

3. New light fixture

Whether you pick a bold statement piece or soft pendants, upgrading your light fixture can add elegance, brightness, and style. Go for unique, big, and bold if you want to go the modern route., soft and unison for a minimalistic look, or a chandelier for a more formal, elegant flair.

Because this involves electrical functions, it is advised that you hire remodeling contractors in Arizona to take care of this and the rest of your project for you. 

4. Splash some paint

Sometimes a room just needs a change of color. One of the best ways to transform a space is by painting it! 

White and lighter colors can brighten up your dining room and make it feel modern and clean. Darker colors can add richness to your space. 

Team up with Phoenix home remodeling contractors to ensure the paint job is done well, and there aren’t any DIY hiccups. 

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5. Upgrade to wood floors

Wood floors are where contemporary meets classic. Simply upgrading your tile or carpet to hardwood can add elegance and style to your home. Whether you prefer earthy, light-toned wood floors or rich, dark wood floors, this change can tie every vision you have for your dining room and home together. 

Hardwood flooring requires certain attention and experience to install. It is best to hire a remodeling service in Mesa, AZ, to ensure everything’s installed correctly for long-term results. 

Why Hire Remodeling Contractors in AZ for your Dining Room Makeover?

We hope you’re dreaming of your new dining room. All of the colors, tones, flooring, lighting, and styles you like. You deserve it. 

Now, you might be wondering, “How do I start my home remodel?” “How do I make my dream home a reality?” DIY projects can be exhausting instead of exciting. Learning how to remodel your home on top of doing it yourself can be stressful and not worth the risks. 

Yet, it can be difficult to find the right remodeling contractors in Arizona. The ones you trust to let in, tear down, and remodel your home.

That’s where Arizona Remodeling Authority comes in. We find and match you with only the most trusted, vetted Phoenix home remodeling contractors, so you don’t have to worry about it. Reach out to ARA today, and bring your dream home to life. 

– Arizona Remodeling Authority, Bringing you Arizona’s most trusted home remodeling

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