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Remodeling your house can make it a home. It can add that personal touch, transforming your home to be inviting, warm, modern, luxurious, fancy, or unique. Whatever you want it to be, make it yours.

But finding the right remodeling contractors can make or break your experience and results. Asking professionals the right questions can help lead you to the right path.

Here are 10 important questions to ask when bringing remodeling contractors in Arizona into your home. 

1. Are you licensed and insured?

Just because a Phoenix home remodeling contractor has a name, website, and phone number doesn’t mean they’re insured and licensed. 

A properly licensed company can grant you peace of mind, knowing your home and investment are in qualified and knowledgeable hands. 

It’s also vital to find an insured company. This can protect you, them, and any damages or injuries that hopefully won’t occur. It also ensures your home insurance unaffected. Even if they are insured and licensed, double-check that those are up-to-date. 

2. How much and what kind of experience do you have?

Vetted contractors are best equipped to handle any remodeling situation. Be sure not to just ask how long a professional has been in business, but how much experience they have with remodels. 

New home construction and remodeling construction are extremely different and require unique knowledge and skills. Experienced remodeling services in Mesa, AZ have been through this process, again and again, and can use their polished experience to guide you through this important and exciting time.

3. Can you provide referrals and reviews?

Reviews allow us to navigate competition and choose the most trusted and high-quality companies. Find contractors who will give you recent referrals to verify their work—especially work within the same scope and expertise of your dream project.

4. Is there a designer, or am I responsible for the design?

Your home’s new look is the exciting part of the remodel! Be sure you know who is responsible for designing it. 

Ask: Is it an in-house employee or another company/contractor? How do we agree upon a design? Am I responsible for figuring out the design, or will I have professional guidance? If so, will there be a portfolio filled with options? Are the design costs included in the estimated budget? 

Be sure you are comfortable with the designer and the process of the remodeling contractors in Arizona so that your home remodel project can be a great rather than a stressful experience. 

5. What is in your contract?

Just like doctors and lawyers, construction professionals have their own terminology. 
This particularly manifests itself in the contract. 

It’s important to understand terms such as “allowances” and “change orders” when reading a Phoenix home remodeling contractor’s contract. Make sure you thoroughly read it and ask for clarifications when necessary. Before you start, be sure you know if it’s a “time and material” contract, “fixed-price” contract, or “cost-plus” contract. These each highly affect your budget and timelines in different ways. 

6. Do you know the subcontractors who will be working on the project?

This is your home. Be mindful of whom you let in. If the remodeling contractor in Mesa, AZ you hire is familiar with the sub-contractors, everything could go much more smoothly. You can also ask if the contractors are required to pass background checks and drug tests to help you have more confidence and an eased mind.

7. Who will be supervising?

Find out if there is a project manager, how often they will be on the site, and any other responsibilities they will fulfill. You should be able to communicate with them and anyone else in charge to receive updates on the project. 

8. Does my timeframe work for you?

You must be confident the contractor can work with your timeline. You should ask the remodeling contractors in Arizona when the project can be started and about how quickly it can be finished. 

Remember to be realistic with your timeline, as approved plans, permits, and processes can take time and unexpected tasks can come up. 

9. What is your range of services and specialties?

Depending on your project, you may need to find a Phoenix home remodeling contractor with a range of services or one specializing in a line of work. Be sure to ask what services they offer so you can find the best fit for your home. 

10. Is my budget of $__________ reasonable?

Last year, 46% of those remodeling their home exceeded their initial budget.

Talking money can feel overwhelming, but clearly doing so upfront can decrease the stress of the project and make you feel more comfortable in the long run.

By doing some research on the average remodels costs in your area, calculate your estimated budget before partnering with a contractor. According to Houzz, the average home remodeling investment is $15,000

Clearly discuss this budget with the contractor to see if they can meet it. 

How to make finding remodeling contractors in Arizona even easier

You can find remodeling contractors in Mesa, AZ who put you first to make your dream—not your nightmare—come true.

You and your home need and deserve vetted contractors who provide full consultations, timely services, and clear, transparent communication. Who value your money, time, privacy, and dreams.

And because you don’t have the time to research, sift through, and call them all to find these contractors, we’ve done it for you.

Arizona Remodeling Authority. Bringing you only Arizona’s most trusted contractors.

– Arizona Remodeling Authority, Home Remodeling Service in Arizona

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